Australian Mangoes – The hero of the produce department

Australian Mangoes were again a standout within our retailers’ fresh produce departments, so much so that mangoes can with certainty continue to claim the well-earned title of “King of the Fruits”. It was another challenging season, with various business activities hampered by COVID-19 restrictions and weather events, however the delicious golden fruit continued to provide excitement and fun while it was available on the shelves.

The start of the season was met with much enthusiasm and excitement across the fresh produce sections within our varied retailers, large and small. The launch of mangoes heralds the start of the warmer months, and the start of new season fruits re-entering the market. The roll in of the 2021-2022 mango season, was supported by large, perfectly positioned (to ensure consumer contact), colourful displays with descriptive and creative point of sale materials, leaving no doubt to the consumer that the new mango season had begun. To further support increased awareness and drive incremental sales of mangoes, a few retailers generated further excitement, via the provision of incentives to their stores with creative displays rarely seen across other fruit and vegetable categories. The addition of these inhouse made creative displays brought a true tropical feel into the store. Staff were encouraged to “go outside the norm” to support the mango category throughout the entire season.

Retailers also highlighted to the consumer the different varieties of mangoes that made their way into the market over the last nine months of the season. It is important that consumers are educated on the varieties of mangoes available, not only to allow them to experience each of the individual varieties’ unique characteristics, but to maintain the enthusiasm for mangoes throughout the entire season. Retailers are increasing that awareness program and have continued to communicate variety availability via their in-house media options (e.g., catalogues) in an increasing manner. You can see how the retailers communicate the variety message, via a selection of brochure material included in this article. Additionally, retailers supported the promotion of mangoes, via their monthly food magazines and within their array of recipe ideas found online, and throughout other electronic media (e.g., weekly newsletters, and social media).

As we finish and review the season, we will all be reminded of the challenges that were before us. We will also be reminded of the good news, smiles, and excitement that mangoes brought to so many people this season. As we reflect, we will also start to plan for the next season ahead, which we will aim to be the best yet. There has been lots of activity done, however there is always a lot more to do.

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