Trade Information Service (TIS) - A new digital service for exporters

A new digital service, which aims to save exporters time and effort searching for export regulations across multiple sites, was launched on 30 June 2020.  It’s called the Trade Information Service (TIS) and it enables exporters to quickly access tariff rates, import country requirements and commercial insights for mangoes in 51 markets.  TIS has been built by Austrade in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. 

The Australian Mango Industry Association, and several other stakeholders, kindly gave their time and advice to aid the development of the service.  We encourage you to use it by clicking here, selecting a product and market of interest, and clicking on the ‘Laws and Regulations’ tile.  We hope you find it valuable and suggestions for improvement are welcome (a feedback function is available in the site). 

TIS is narrow in scope right now but will expand to cover more products and regulations over time, to help more exporters and generate more value for them.  The first version is a 'proof of concept', which serves to show that it is possible to bring different regulatory data together in one place for ease of use and comparison.  So far, industry commentators have said it is very powerful to bring regulations and commercial insights together in one place and to make answers to regulatory questions visible as early as possible.

An instructional video has been developed to show new users how to use the platform and is available below.

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