Dry matter assessment without NIR technology

Mango dry matter assessment – Destructive method

The dry matter content of a fruit is what is left once the water content is removed; this includes a variable amount of starch and sugars. As the fruit matures, the starch and sugar content increase. When the fruit ripens, the starch will be converted into sugar. Sufficient sugar content has been correlated to the eating quality of a mango.

Without the NIR technology, dry matter is traditionally measured by drying a sample of fruit in an oven and weighing the sample before and after water removal. The procedure below describes how to measure dry matter content in mangoes with a drying oven (or a dehydrator). 


A spreadsheet template is also available to record your weights and includes the calculation for dry matter content. Due to the file format, access will need to be requested via the button below: 

Spreadsheet Template

Once you have access to the spreadsheet template (via Google Drive), you can download it on your computer to add in your data. If you have any issue accessing the spreadsheet template, or have further questions, please contact the AMIA team.

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