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Mango Production

Mangoes (Mangifera indica) are predominantly grown in the Northern Territory, Queensland, and when combined, produce approximately 95% of the total national crop. Mangoes are also grown in Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Harvest Windows

The seasonal harvest starts in the Northern Territory and Western Australia in September, followed by Queensland's dry tropical regions (Townsville / Burdekin / Bowen) in mid-November, Mareeba / Dimbulah in early December, Central Queensland in late December, and South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales in January.

Production Volumes

Total volume of fruit marketed fluctuates from year to year, due to seasonal conditions and the irregular bearing nature of the crop. The average crop over the last three years has been approximately 76,000 tonnes. The gross value of production (GVP) at farm gate is approximately $185 million per annum. 


There are a range of commercial mango varieties grown in Australia for the domestic and export markets. The main varieties and their respective approximate market share are: Kensington Pride (52%), R2E2 (19%), Calypso™ (15%), Honey Gold™ (8%), Keitt (4%) and other varieties (2%).

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