Export Registrations Now Open

Export registrations for international protocol markets are now open. Refer to Export Industry Advice Notice 2021-20 on the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) website.

Recording of export information session below.


ALL An online information session will be held by AMIA Completed (recording above) China, Korea and USA
Growers and Packhouses Apply online to register orchards/packhouses for relevant export markets 23 July 2021 China, Korea and USA
Crop Monitors Complete crop monitor training Before flowering (budburst) when crop monitoring needs to start China, Korea and USA
Growers and Packhouses Prepare for audit, conducted by DAWE

For new or previously non-compliant businesses:

Pre-season audits: w/c 23 August 2021

For accredited and compliant businesses (from last season):

In-season audits: TBC during the season

China, Korea and USA

Online Registration

The online registration system is now open. Growers are only required to register their orchards and packhouses for China, Korea and the USA. Please note that registration is NOT required for orchards and packhouses exporting to Japan and New Zealand.

Applications MUST be completed by 23 July 2021.

How to access the online registration website

If you did not register last season, please forward your name, trading name, preferred email address and previous US export registration number (if applicable) to our Industry Development Manager at marine@mangoes.net.au. A no-reply email will be sent to you with a temporary password so that you can login and set up your account. If after 24 hours, you have not received the no-reply email, please check your Junk folder. If you still have not received it, please contact marine@mangoes.net.au.

If you registered last season, your login details are the same. Your username should be your email address. If you have forgotten your password, please click on “Forgot password” and follow the prompts. Completing and submitting the online registration each year is still necessary. If your export application is identical to last season, please contact marine@mangoes.net.au and we will arrange for your application to be duplicated. If any changes have occurred (new contact details, new blocks, etc), you will need to fill a new application in full.  If your block boundaries and packhouse haven’t changed, the same registration numbers will apply. Growers will be able to access their previous applications through the system.

Sign into the export application website: 

Export Application Website

Please use a supported web browser such as Google Chrome.

A step-by-step guide for the online export application process is available here.

Click here to download a flow chart to guide you through the export registration process. To access relevant workplans and protocols for any of the above countries, please register for access to DAWE’s MICoR database via this link.

The cost for registering is $220 (incl GST, additional fees may apply).

Crop Monitor online course

Certain protocol markets (China, Korea and USA) are required to have a qualified Crop Monitor. To complete the compulsory Crop Monitor online course, please follow this link, register and complete the online training. Please note that the Crop monitor online course needs to be completed each year. The following crop monitoring templates can be used by crop monitors and must be retained by growers for auditing purposes:

As long as forms contain the same pest monitoring information, alternative templates may be used. To assist with pest monitoring, a timeline was developed and can be found here.

Training must be completed before flowering (budburst) when crop monitoring needs to start. The course quiz will remain open until 30 September 2021. The course content will be made accessible for reference throughout the season.


If you were not accredited or were non-compliant for the 2020/21 season, you will be audited before your season starts, week commencing 23 August 2021.

If you were compliant last season, you will be audited in-season. DAWE will conduct a desktop audit pre-season so that you can be accredited and allowed to export before your in-season audit takes place.

DAWE’s instructional material is available on the Plant Export Operations Manual (PEOM) to support industry in understanding their roles and responsibilities relating to the export of plants and plant products from Australia. 

Treatment facilities (VHT and Irradiation)

Treatment facilities must be a registered establishment and approved for the specific country, commodity and treatment combination for protocol markets.

Treatment facilities that are currently approved by DAWE for the irradiation treatment of mangoes to the USA, or the vapour heat treatment of mangoes to China, Korea and Japan, will automatically be included on the approved list for export that is provided to the importing country. To confirm your approved operations, refer to your registered establishment’s Certificate of Registration.

Treatment facilities that are currently not approved for the countries, commodities and treatments they would like, must submit Application for registration as a plant export registered establishment and/or associated operations and functions (EX26d) and be audited and approved by the department and the importing country, where required.

Growers should contact their preferred treatment facility to confirm that they are a registered establishment and approved for the required country, commodity and treatment combination.


For any other enquiries, please contact one of the Australian Mangoes team members: 

NT/WA regions:
Sarah Hain
E: sarah@mangoes.net.au
M: 0457 555 939

QLD/NNSW regions
Marine Empson
E: marine@mangoes.net.au
M: 0457 555 838


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