First Australian Mango Scientific Symposium

The First Australian Mango Scientific Symposium was held on 20 May 2024. With 26 presentations and 17 posters, the symposium showcased a wide range of research, addressing critical areas of mango production, from breeding and post-harvest management to pest and disease control, as well as technological advancements.

Several symposium presentations are now publicly accessible. Please click on the titles below to view the presentations

Dr Stephanie Kerr - Using functional genomics approaches to study mango flowering
Dianna Renfree - Water productivity, efficiency and sustainability in tropical horticulture
Chelsea Moore - Genetic investigations of the defence responses of mango cultivars to safeguard the Australian mango industry: Introducing the problem
Chelsea Moore - Mango Dieback
Gerhard Rossouw - Comparing carbohydrate reserves and tree productivity in two mango cultivars under high and low planting density
Jiasheng Su - Advancing Biosecurity: A 2D X-ray Imaging Approach for Detecting Mango Stone Weevil
John Agnew - Honey Gold mango supply chain monitoring identifies means to improve quality and shelf life
Kerry Walsh - Progress in mango-tech
Maisa Pereira - Technology for estimation of fruit sizing on trees
Dr. Zhenglin Wang - Deep learning in estimation of fruit attributes using near infrared spectroscopy
Hari Krishna Dhonju - Orchard management information system for harvest forecast
Rafael Goulart - Machine harvesting

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