Mango Twig Tip Dieback

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Mango Twig Tip Dieback (MTTD)

Since mid-2017, different symptoms of mango dieback have been observed in the Northern Territory. It was named Mango Twig Tip Dieback (MTTD) to distinguish it from the common branch/twig dieback.

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade (NT DITT) are currently studying this disorder, with the support of the Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA), NT Farmers and the NT Mango Industry Association.

More information can be found on NT DITT's website.

More info on MTTD

Industry Update - 8/12/2023

Michael Finey, NT DITT Extension Officer, held a webinar on MTTD to discuss previous research and update industry on the next steps:

Mango Twig Tip Dieback Survey

This survey aims to understand the impact on production and the distribution of the mango twig tip dieback (MTTD) in the NT. The resulting data will be crucial to support funding applications for further research and development.

If you are affected by MTTD, please be sure to have a say. This short survey is anonymous, only includes 10 questions and should take 3 minutes to complete.

To complete the survey, click here.  

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