• Australian Mango season is in full swing, with an abundance of the fruit meaning Aussies can taste the sunshine for great value
  • Over the summer months, Aussies are indulging in close to 170 million delicious mangoes
  • National distribution levels are up, with 356,000 trays distributed to market compared to 214,000 at the same time last year
  • To help the nation make the most of the harvest, Australian Mangoes are sharing recipes as well as tips and tricks to enjoy the delicious fruit
  • Australian Mango season is blooming and booming, with growers seeing an increase in production, which means one thing.. Aussies can taste the sunshine, for great value!

Australians can expect to taste the sunshine with fruit hitting supermarket shelves, in abundance, across the country.

National distribution levels are up, with 356,000 trays distributed to market compared to 214,000 at the same time last year - with Aussies indulging in close to 180 million mangoes over the summer*.

“It’s been a great year in terms of the production volume of mangoes. This means Aussies can enjoy the sweet tropical flavour of Australian Mangoes for the rest of summer, and make sure they’re making the most of this prime crop.” said Brett Kelly, CEO of Australian Mangoes.

“As we are seeing such high supply as well as consumer demand for delicious, great value produce, we’re encouraging Australians to make the most of the season and to support Aussie farming families, by finding new and different ways to enjoy the fruit.”

From simple Mango and Strawberry Kebabs, or a new dessert with a nutritious twist – Mango Chia Pudding. There’s so many interesting ways to use the fruit, and now is the time to enjoy them in the sunshine.

The growing conditions over recent months have meant that Australians are getting access to bumper crops at great value. With labour shortages, a lot of rain, and clash of regions, growers are pleading for Aussies to buy up big to support farmers.

Why not try hedgehogging a mango? An easy and fun way to prepare a mango by slicing the mango into 2 cheeks beside the seed, dicing the flesh into a crisscross pattern and then turning outward to devour the delicious and juicy taste of Australian mangoes.

High in nutritional value, easy to prepare and so juicy and delicious, mangoes are a refreshing snack, perfect for desserts and a unique addition to savory dishes.

Why do Aussies love Mangoes**

  • 87% of Australian mangoes are enjoyed locally
  • Australians purchased over 72 million mangoes in the 2021 season, up 4% versus prior year
  • Over 50% of Australian households enjoyed a mango over the past year
  • The mango variety available on the shelves are the delicious Kensington Pride, followed by Calypso and R2E2 in October and Honey Gold in November. The Keitt, Palmer and Kent varieties will appear from January.

Australian mangoes are available at most major grocery, independent and local food markets.

For more information and access to tasty and easy Mango recipes, please visit https://mangoes.net.au/


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*Source: https://www.industry.mangoes.net.au/reports/crop-forecast/

**Source: Nielsen, latest 52 weeks - week ending 14/08/22


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