New Tools to Assist Australian Mangoes Members

New Tools to Assist Australian Mangoes Members

The Australian Mango Industry Association has been diligently working to enhance the experience of their members through targeted and exclusive members only tools. The newest manifestation of this has been a collaboration with Cam Hogan from Dollars Making Sense and industry to create a Cost of Production spreadsheet template specifically designed for mango growers. The spreadsheet was created through extensive consultation with industry and growers.


Australian Mango Industry Association CEO, Brett Kelly expressed the association’s determination to create practical tools for growers:

“Australian farmer growers produce the best quality mangoes in the world and as an industry body we hope to give those hardworking growers every advantage we can to aid their business to thrive in what are often uncertain and unprecedented times. This spreadsheet is just the beginning of a series of tools we are working on to help farmers understand their bottom line.”


Grower and AMIA Chairman, Ben Martin is enthusiastic about the new tool: “It will be great as a grower to be able to not only understand your individual cost of production, but to be able to compare with regional market averages allowing for greater collaboration on best practice and a more sustainable future for all our members.”


The industry body has plans in the works for both a Strategic Business Plan template and Contract template to further help its members ensure their business is sustainable and the long-term future of the Australian mango industry is secured.


To become a member of the Australian Mango Industry Association, visit their website at: https://www.industry.mangoes.net.au/ 


For further information about the Cost of Production Spreadsheet please contact:

Gabby Taylor

Australian Mango Industry Association

Communication Manager


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