Orchard Management

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Canopy Management

The aim of canopy management is to develop and maintain a productive fruit-bearing face.  An ideal mature mango tree has an open canopy, is small enough to pick easily and has many fruiting terminals. 
Maintaining profitability in an environment of ever-increasing costs is a major challenge facing Australian mango growers. A key priority for the Australian mango industry is to increase industry productivity per hectare through increased yields and reduced costs. To achieve these goals, opportunities exist to improve productivity through intensification. 

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Pruning young trees 
Pruning mature trees 
Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) 
Making the change to high density mango orchards 
Economics of high-density mango orchards 
Choosing mango tree spacing 
Trellis versus hedge designs 
Trellis design and construction 
Trellis pruning and training 
High density hedge (slim-hedge) design, pruning and training 

Queensland Department of Agriculture have also produced a video series on High-Density Mango Orchards.

View an update from QDAF Senior Horticulturist Ryan Orr (5/12/2023) on sunburn and light and temperature optimisation in mango orchards.

Flowering Management

The management of mango tree shoot and flower growth can positively influence fruit yield. It is important to understand the natural processes that support flower development to develop appropriate management practices. Practices must also suit the unique conditions of different production regions and mango varieties.  

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Flowering induction 
Mango flowering in the Northern Territory 
Mango flowering in Queensland 
Mango flowering in Western Australia 
Mango flowering YouTube video 
Flowering and climate change video 
NTG and NESP Climate impact assessment on mango flower induction publication 

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